English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

September 10, 2012

K. S.

Pálya-Vasút Ltd. • palya-vasut.hu

Building, reconstruction and maintenance of public railways, railway platforms, level crossings, railway bridges and sidings

It was almost five years ago, in 2007 that Miklós Kósa, relying on 25 years of experience in railway construction and the related maintenance activities, decided to establish Pálya-Vasút Ltd.

As partner and managing director, he profiles the company as follows: “Most of our work is focused on implementing railway CAPEX projects, maintaining railway tracks and performing the related supervisory duties.
We are a small business and partake as a subcontractor in major tenders and projects funded by the EU, while we act as main contractor in the maintenance and reconstruction of the national network of public railways (operated by MÁV Co. and GYSEV).
In addition to participating in the aforementioned major projects supported by EU funding and the CAPEX projects of public railways, we concentrate on the regular inspection and maintenance of industrial sidings. We have many years of practical experience in reconstructing level crossings.

Győr Station

The consortium that has won the reconstruction project of the GYSEV’s Sopron–Szombathely–Szentgotthárd line has contracted our company to rebuild, temporarily and for good, as the work processes demanded, several level crossings.
Serious preparations and properly organised management are prerequisites for performing reconstruction and refurbishment jobs on railway tracks up to the required level of quality during the relatively short periods of track obstruction.
As for our operations, they are concentrated chiefly in the regions of Transdanubia and Budapest.
Our main references and customers include MÁV FKG Ltd. and MÁV Co., for whom we have refurbished level crossings and have performed other railway related renewal and maintenance jobs.
Other key assignments have included the construction of locomotive repair shops and steel reinforced service pits in Budapest Keleti Station, Dombóvár and Miskolc.
Moreover, we are also active and experienced in constructing steel reinforced concrete platforms for loading and unloading, and platform balances.

Zirc crossing

We have replaced several passing sidings and track ballast beds along the Buda­pest–Hegyeshalom–Vienna line.
Our company is authorised to put in place track obstructions independent­ly. Our Railway Quality Assurance system is certified “Aa”.
Our maintenance activities along national public railways primarily focus on the replacement of sleepers (wooden, siding, and concrete), of sidings and level crossings, as well as on improving and replacing the substructure.
Pálya-Vasút Ltd. is also active in building and maintaining narrow gauge tracks, and reconstructed 5 km of such lines last year. (2011–2012: Zsuzsi Forest Railway Deb­recen, 2007: Nagybörzsöny Forest Railway.)
Moreover, our lines of business include the restoration of slope dishing, slope slippage and erosion damage.
We put our experience with fixed line projects to good use in the track construction works for underground lines and tramlines as well.
Out company participates in projects and other application programmes supported by the European Regional Development Fund (New Hungary Development Plan).

Sopron crossing

Although we are a small business, our competencies allow for a diverse range of activities. In addition to professional experience, we place heavy emphasis on reliability, flexibility and our capacity to solve problems rapidly.
Quality is a main driver for us all the time. Our business policy is centred on customer satisfaction and reliability.
As for our prospects and future goals, they are determined by customer orders and the market environment. Our company is conducting negotiations to take part in the EU funded reconstruction project of the Piliscsaba–Esztergom line.
Once environmental considerations take supremacy triggering the development of railways for cost-effective transportation, which is also a priority for Europe, we hope to win an increasing number of contracts.
We intend to expand our team of highly skilled professionals, to procure special equipment of high value and to develop in order to become a dominating factor in the railway construction sector in Hungary.•