English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

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Innotéka Publishing, Dissemination, and Media Agency • 1034 Budapest, Bécsi Street 126–128, Hungary • + 36 30 902 8930 • inno@innoteka.hu • innoteka.hu • innoteka.eu
Contact: Krisztina Budai, +36 30 902 8931,

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Innotéka magazine is published in Hungary and provides comprehensive information for all those who are interested in science, innovation, and green economy, as well as those who actually work in these fields. It gives ample and continuous coverage to the world of Hungarian science and innovation. As for its topics, the magazine sets great store by presenting successful scientifical, economic, and environmental achievements, and disseminating the results of innovation. Dissemination is an essential part of the projects implemented through EU tenders. Innotéka magazine features successfully implemented EU granted projects, supporting the widest possible dissemination of experiences and good practices.


10 issues per year, as scheduled • Size: 48–56+4 pages
Price: 15 €


In Hungarian

Print edition and online version (innoteka.hu). Our highlighted articles can be read on facebook.com/innoteka.hu, too, and our column focused on the history of technology is available online on the inno-anno.blog.hu web page.

In English

On innoteka.eu we provide a selection of the articles published in our magazine, which is a great opportunity for our partners to gain increased international visibility.


The print magazine available in Hungary reaches its audience primarily through direct distribution and subscription. Thus we have many thousands of targeted readers: directors of companies operating in the areas of Hungarian science, innovation, and green environment; leaders and researchers working at academic and university research centers and workshops; heads of higher education institutions, faculties and departments; national, university, and county libraries; ministries, state secretariats, public agencies; chambers, associations, and unions.
As a media partner we are present on various scientific conferences and professional events organized in Hungary. That means 15-20 occasions per year, when the event participants receive the current issue of the Innotéka magazine as part of their conference package.
Our special issues focusing on domestic and foreign events, exhibitions, and the final events of science-based innovation projects are distributed on the spot, as well as in professional circles.


The content of our magazine reaches more than 15,000 readers monthly.

Our prices include technical expenses. Volume discounts as agreed.

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