English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

Digital energy management form the cloud

By using a new, Microsoft supported energy management software developed by KONsys Kft, clients may save up to 30-50 percent of their gas, water and electricity bills.

The new tool allows the user to continuously monitor and analyse the energy consumption of a facility or a business. The software gathers, analyses and stores data, which makes identifying the inefficient consumption area(s) easy and fast. Based on the information provided by the software, companies and facilities may optimize their energy production and usage, calculate the amount of energy and costs required for the production. The tool enables users to precisely determine the areas requiring energy efficiency measures as well as calculating the expected ROI.

The software provides a ready-to-use, customised infrastructure with full technical support. Thanks to Microsoft’s cloud solution, the implementation is fast, and no initial investment is necessary, since it operates on a monthly fee basis.
The software is an excellent choice for office buildings, hotels, residential communities, shopping centres, schools, council-owned buildings, logistics centers, but even factories and plants can optimize their energy consumption with it. The solution is already being used successfully around the world, for example in a Slovenian hospital, in a Sydney apartment-complex, in a Brazilian Fiat car factory or in a Budapest office building.•

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