English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

English collection of articles from Innotéka magazine appearing monthly in Hungary.

September 10, 2012

K. S.

Műszer Automatika Ltd. • muszerautomatika.hu

Innovation for Your Safety

Műszer Automatika Ltd. is a private enterprise with the most complex activity involving development, manufacturing, implementing, and other services. Besides, its abilities make possible their presence and growth in certain areas related to transportation, automation and process control. Műszer Automatika was founded in 1982 and since then it has been working as a group of companies. Some activities have been transferred to independent companies, which brought about the formation of the RWT Railway Technology Ltd., the MAUMIK Process Control Ltd. and, for the support of designing and advising activities, the MKTM Ltd.

The company group is operating six sites. The new headquarters and plant of 5,600 square meters (opened in Q1 2012) is located in Budaörs, and they have 2 other sites for production activities and 3 sites dedicated only to services. International connections have been established with major European vehicle manufacturers and other suppliers, joint developments have been carried out in Italy and signalling equipment has been certified for the railways of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For a better performance enterprises have been launched in Ukraine and Iraq.
The Quality Management System of the development and production activities satisfies the ISO 9001 standard’s requirements. Our partners’ continuous feedbacks justify the demand of high quality work. Besides quality, the company group focuses on environment friendly production too. This is helped by the Environ­mental Management System of ISO 14001 introduced in 2011.

Műszer Automatika group has major activities as follows:

  • Development, system design, manufacturing, trading, installing, commissioning and maintenance of equipment or systems related to transport automation, process automation, power supply, communication and electrical appliances, as a general contractor
  • Development, manufacturing, trading, installing, and commissioning of gas and vapour concentration meters, along with system design and installation
  • Service Centre for railway and gas detection equipments
  • Railway project management, projects concerning railway electrification and technology, indoor and outdoor construction works
  • The development, installation and maintenance of the Corporate Management Systems (CMS)

Other capabilities:

  • project management for railway outdoor works
  • consultancy and planning of railway systems from the idea to the construction
  • small and medium-series manufacturing of electronic and/or mechanical products, equipments, modules, and subsystems
Műszer Automatika group looks forward to meeting the needs of current and prospective customers.

Please visit our websites for details:
www.muszerautomatika.hu (central site)
www.gazerzekelo.hu (gas sensors)
www.akkutolto.hu (battery chargers and power supplies)